Receive a handmade weaving every month! This is an opportunity to understand a process that surrounds us daily- from sheets to jeans to tablecloths.  

The Aim:
-Educational: learn about textile’s nuances & our cultural/historical relationships to cloth
-Aesthetic: a dynamic addition to any space
-Technical: a chance for designers and weavers to broaden their sample books

The Package:
-6” x 6” weaving
-Stories of the cloth
-Artifacts of the process (yarn samples, notes, photographs/drawings)
-Technical score (For the makers- draft [with name and source], epi/ppi, etc.)

The Weavings:
Every month a different theme will be investigated, including:

Common Cloth
Ex: denim, stripes, gingham, waffle weave, plaid, houndstooth, satin

Notable Cloth
A look at more technically or historically particular weaving techniques and traditions
Ex: ikat, pile, supplemental weft, doublecloth, damask, tapestry

Pattern & Structure
Ex: overshot, summer + winter

Material Observations
A look at how different materials operate, are structured, and can be finished
Ex: linen, cotton, silk, wool, bamboo, synthetics, unusual materials

The weaving will always be finished in one to two methods, of your choosing:
A. Stitched onto archival paper ready for the sample book or personal method of display.
B. Mounted onto a stretched canvas and framed in a handmade, wooden floater frame.

Shipping included!
*US addresses, $90  will be added to cost for international orders

A. $125 ($42/month)...One season (3 months), stitched onto archival paper
B. $195 ($65/month)…One season (3 months), mounted and framed
C. $475 ($39.50/month)…Full year (12 months), stitched onto archival paper
D. $750 ($62.50/month)…Full year (12 months), mounted and framed