Stars Over Appalachia

This series focuses on weaving patterns collected by Francis L. Goodrich around the turn of the century in the Southern Highlands region of Appalachia. These weavings, called coverlets, are traditionally blanket sized, functional, and produced with materials largely sourced from the family farm. The patterns have been passed down for generations within families and communities in the region. Stars Over Appalachia specifically investigates patterns with the word star in order to better understand how an element of the landscape was historically integrated into a community’s material culture. Additionally, this series works to understand the boundaries of authenticity and role of craft within a traditional practice.

BFA Thesis Project
MICA Commencement May 14 - 19, 2015
all cotton sewing thread, found 2 ply cotton yarn

Henderson Star
Collected from Mrs. Columbus Creasman, date unknown.

Seven Stars
Collected from Clarissa Cordelia Angel in 1896.

North Carolina Star
Collected from Mrs. Scroggins, date unknown.

Blazing Star
Collected from Elmeda Walker, date unknown.

Star in the East
Also goes by Snails Trails for rugs, Eastern Star, & Silver Creek.
Collected in 1927.