Stars Over Appalachia

These weavings were constructed using drafts collected by Francis L. Goodrich in the late 19th century in the North Carolina mountains. Traditionally, each draft was a guide for producing a coverlet- functional blankets used in the home. Drafts were recorded with their vernacular titles and "Stars Over Appalachia" specifically investigates those with the word star. As both a reference to the outdoors and by operating as a technical direction of reproduction, the stars in this series work to understand the boundaries of authentic craft, the influence of landscape on material culture, and the ways textiles carry information through their visible structure.

all cotton sewing thread, found 2 ply cotton yarn
All are now in the Asheville Art Museum’s permenant collection.

Henderson Star
Collected from Mrs. Columbus Creasman, date unknown.

Seven Stars
Collected from Clarissa Cordelia Angel in 1896.

North Carolina Star
Collected from Mrs. Scroggins, date unknown.

Blazing Star
Collected from Elmeda Walker, date unknown.

Star in the East
Also goes by Snails Trails for rugs, Eastern Star, & Silver Creek.
Collected in 1927.

Image Credit: Nick Simko