This projection invites the viewer to click through the slides and participate in the weaving and unweaving of a small cloth. The sound of the machine changing slides is closely related to the sounds of a loom as it lifts up and puts down threads; there is an “on” “off” binary, engage a particular slide/set of threads, disengage the others , then switch. As a carousel slide projector operates in the round, the process loops seamlessly through the buildup and breakdown actions. Each slide captures one step of the weaving process, beginning with the buildup of warp (vertical) threads and then to the accumulation of weft (horizontal). 80 total slides were made. The first 40 slides go through the process of filling the frame with woven cloth, the next 40 unweave and ends with a bare slide. Each slide was handwoven one at a time with sewing thread and cotton yarn.

80-slide physical animation, infinite loop

projector, projector slides, image, sound of changing slides
sewing thread, cotton string
80 total slides, each: 1" x 2"