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Walnut, Wool String
24" x 36" x 28" (h)

The challenge of this piece was to custom build a table that could handle all the tension that the weaving would put on it. Once designed and prepared for construction, each hole was drilled individually in preparation for the threads and involved careful planning to ensure that the correct number of threads would line up in all directions. Once built, the task of hand weaving began. Over and under, over and under, one thread and one action at a time. These threads filled the space of what was once open and empty. The table became a loom and altered my usual experience with weaving. I became much more aware of every action since the already slow process now moved at a crawl. This weaving is permanently integrated with the “loom”, the tool, that made it. So unlike most weavings or objects that must be separated from their tools in order to be used, this product and its’ producer get to stay united.

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